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Fruit Is Not Like Mother's Milk
The Nutritional Fallacies of a Popular
Fruitarian Myth Exposed

by Tom Billings
Copyright © 1999 by Thomas E. Billings. All rights reserved.
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In this article we will look into the available nutritional data which, when examined rigorously, shows that:


The claim that sweet fruit is an ideal food because it is "like human mother's milk" is commonly used to promote the fruitarian diet. More precisely, the claim is that the nutritional profile of sweet fruit is very similar to that of (human) mother's milk. The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed and critical examination of this claim and related issues.

This paper contains three major parts:

Nutritional Comparison Tables

This part provides detailed nutritional comparisons of human milk and selected sweet fruits, followed by a comparison of human milk, goat milk and a common fatty fruit--avocados. To see if an average (a blend) of fruits is comparable to milk, tables are provided comparing human milk with an average of selected sweet fruits (alone), and also with an average of sweet fruits and avocado.

Analysis of Nutritional Comparison Data--Making Sense of the Numbers

The calorie composition, sugar, fatty acid, and amino acid/protein profiles of human milk are compared in summary against goat milk and fruits. A discussion is included with the summary tables.

Challenging Fruitarian Defenses of the Theory

Some common claims made by fruitarians in defense of, and/or related to, the theory are described and analyzed. The nature of some of the claims made tells you more about the fruitarian movement than you might expect!

Note: If your time is limited you should read Sections II and III first, leaving Section I for later when you have more time.

Table of Contents

Nutritional Comparison Tables

Analysis of Nutritional Comparison Data--
Making Sense of the Numbers

Probing Fruitarian Defenses of the
"Fruit is Like Mother's Milk" Theory

Defects of an Alleged Statistical "Proof"
that Fruit and Mother's Milk are Similar

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