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Dietary Problems in the Real World

Bios of vegetarians, ex-vegetarians, and others
in search of health, not dogma...

Note: This section of the site presents the stories of people who have had significant problems on vegetarian, vegan, raw-food, or other alternative or "natural" diets, and how they solved them, whether by modifying the diet in some "unapproved" way while remaining vegetarian, or by moving on to a non-vegetarian one. We acknowledge and are aware of the stories of vegetarian successes that get plenty of publicity elsewhere. Given the focus of this site, however, and the fact the failures are usually hushed up, the latter are the case histories we are interested in documenting here for others to learn from.

If you fit the profile of an ex-rawist, ex-vegetarian, vegetarian, or someone else who has had to seriously rethink their "ideal" diet, or know of someone who has, we invite you to send us your information or story for consideration.

Please be aware that the inclusion of information about the occupations, dietary beliefs, or avocations of contributors here does not necessarily represent endorsement. Dietary bios, in particular, are presented on the site primarily for a look at the actual effects experienced, but given the personal nature of such narratives, no judgment on the part of Beyond Veg editors one way or the other about the individuals' personal beliefs or vocations should be implied.

Vegetarians still... but with a difference

Ex-vegetarians and non-veggies step forward

Others rethinking their "ideal diet"

Editorials from individuals who have changed their diets

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