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Special Topics: Nutrition

Nutrition Education

Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition

Raw Food Diet Nutrition

  • Is Cooked Food Poison? Looking at the Science on Raw vs. Cooked Foods. An in-depth review of the science comparing raw and cooked foods. Includes a detailed table of contents that allows readers to select topics of interest.

  • The Calorie Paradox of Raw Veganism. Examines the problem of the low energy density of many raw vegan foods, and explains why raw vegans often base their diet on the few high energy density foods available to them: avocado, nuts, coconut, and so on.

  • Raw Vegan/Raw Food Diet Research: Links to Abstracts and Full Text. Links to PubMed abstracts for published research studies on raw vegan and raw food diets.

  • Paleodiet Nutrition

  • See the article list in our Paleodiet & Paleolithic Nutrition section.

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