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A concise statement of the rigid perfectionism and self-loathing
that are major factors in eating disorders like anorexia nervosa
and orthorexia nervosa.

An Anorexic Creed

by Inanna
Copyright © 2001 by Inanna. All rights reserved.
Contact author for permission to republish.

Editorial note: although written for anorexia, the creed below could easily be modified to yield "An Orthorexic Creed."

Thanks to Inanna for granting permission to use her "Anorexic Creed" on Beyond Veg. Inanna has her own web page I Have Survived (offsite link), that provides information and healing resources for survivors of abuse. Her Eating Disorders link page (offsite link) includes a bulimic parody of the "Obsession" perfume ads.

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